LAM “The Authentic Bolivian Alpaca Clothing”

Greetings and thanks for your interest in L.A.M Bolivia!

Our family business has gained international prestige for our design, quality, and customer satisfaction through different countries around the world. We are pioneers in the export of Bolivian crafts to the whole world through 100% alpaca garments.

L.A.M now has generations worth of experience in the production of alpaca related garments. We follow strict quality norms and are very passionate about creating traditional Bolivian knitwear.

Our History

L.A.M began in 1985 when Luis Albis Duran de Castro and his family started the exportation of alpaca sweaters to Mexico City, Mexico. The family business is named L.A.M in honor to his father Luis Albis Martinez (L.A.M).

In 1990, he opened the first L.A.M store in La Paz, Bolivia offering the best 100% alpaca merchandise due to its unique designs and styles. For more than 25 years, Luis Albis has been developing, creating, and building L.A.M to show Bolivia all around the world with one of our most precious natural gifts: the alpaca wool.

What we offer in L.A.M is a celebration of the Bolivian and Andes culture through alpaca garments. Our master artisans create and elaborate every exquisite L.A.M. piece by hand. Their dedication guarantee that each L.A.M creation has a unique beauty and that it has been specially crafted for you.

Please enjoy the Bolivian finest!

Ing. Luis Albis Tudela



"Excellent quality! I was very impressed with all of their products, their professionality and their variety."

Nicole Goodnough


"I was impressed to learn the entire business is family run!"



"As an artist and textile connoisseur, I was more impressed with L.A.M then any other store on Sagarnaga Street."

Amy Heffrnan


"I’m not usually a sweater guy… but in L.A.M Bolivia it was impossible to find something I didn’t like! They have a perfect option for everyone!"

Ike Reznicek