Shipping LAM Bolivia


Embark on the journey of your exquisite alpaca garments from creation to your doorstep with LAM Bolivia’s shipping process. Once your purchase is generated, we begin a journey, starting with the careful spinning of alpaca fibers and navigating through the intricate hand-weaving process. Your masterpiece is then entrusted to DHL, ensuring secure and timely shipments worldwide.

Our shipments are more than just deliveries; they are a celebration of craftsmanship and dedication. Track your order in real-time with the provided tracking code, experiencing the excellence that defines LAM. Our commitment to safe and timely delivery is reflected in every step of this journey, ensuring that your precious alpaca garments reach you with the care and quality they deserve.

Buy your LAM 100% alpaca wool garments anywhere in the world and enjoy them with the confidence of knowing they will arrive son!