Alpaca Shawl Tarija

Discover the softness and style of the Alpaca Shawl Tarija. Handwoven with premium alpaca from Tarija, this shawl blends luxury and warmth, perfect for any occasion. Available in various natural colors, each piece is unique and showcases the expert craftsmanship of local weavers.



Indulge in luxury and warmth with our exclusive Alpaca Shawl Tarija. Handwoven with the highest quality alpaca fiber from the Andean region of Tarija, this shawl is not just a textile masterpiece but also a functional piece that envelops you in softness and style. Featuring an elegant and timeless design suitable for any occasion, this shawl is a symbol of refined craftsmanship and cultural tradition. Enjoy the unique feel of alpaca, known for its lightweight warmth, while adding a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe. Available in a variety of natural colors, each shawl is unique and reflects the skilled craftsmanship of our talented weavers in Tarija.


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Alpaca Shawl Tarija
Alpaca Shawl Tarija